New Generation Reversible Magnetic Drilling Machine

TRIDENT from BroachCutter® is a newest Multi Function Magnetic Drilling Machine with Reversible motor for tapping. A workhorse of a machine, with Electronic Speed Stabilization System which maintains set rpm under varying loads.

Motor power
1650 W

Motor speed
(Under load) 80-160/210-420 rpm

27 Kg

Core drill
max. Ø 76 mm

Twist drill
max. Ø 32 mm

max. Ø 63 mm

Depth of cut
max. 76 mm
100 mm (up to Ø60)

225 mm

Magnetic clamping
19500 N
(25mm, ra=1,25)


max. M24

Supply Format
Magnetic base drilling
Coolant Bottle Assembly
Safety Strap
Metal Box
Set of Tools with wedge
MT3 Arbor with 19mm
Operator's Manual (English)
  Bore - Through Spindle
Standard shipping weight – 39.5 kg
  continuous cooling    
Swarf Shield/Cutter Guard    

Offers reliability through a combination of continuously variable speed with 2-set gearbox and speed stabilizer.

HSS & TCT cutters 
  Standard Arbor with 19mm Weldon shank
Large HSS & TCT cutters
  Optional Arbor with 31.75mm Weldon shank
Twist Drills
  Morse Taper No. 3
Thread Cutter
  Tapping Attachment with Morse Taper No. 3

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