India’s Favourite Magnetic Drilling Machine

The most compact and one of the smallest Magnetic drills in the world. Superior machine features include Ultra light weight, gear box and slide system made of one piece and purpose designed motor

Motor power
920 W

Motor speed
(Under load) 350 rpm

10 Kg

Core drill
max. Ø 36 mm

Twist drill
max. Ø 10 mm

max.Ø 40 mm

Depth of cut
max. 51 mm

70 mm

Magnetic clamping
9500 N
(25mm, ra=1,25)

Supply Format
Magnetic base drilling
Safety Strap
Allen wrench hex S=4
Metal Box
Operator's Manual (English)
Swarf Shield/Cutter Guard
Shipping weight – 16.7 kg
Coolant Bottle Assembly

Unique slide arrangement with dual SS bars makes CUB™ virtually maintenance free.

Ready for pipe drilling 
  Optional pipe drilling attachment allows for work on wide range of pipes
Perfect for on-site applications
  Strong clamping force and ergonomic design ensure safe work both in vertical & horizontal position
Maintenance free operation
  Dual bars guide system ensures extraordinary stiffness and maintenance free operation
Overload protection Motor
  Overload protection system protects machine from accidental damage during heavy-duty applications

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