In-situ Drilling In Hard-to-reach Areas

CUB™ SLEEK is an extremely portable & Compact machine enables it to be used in areas not possible to reach using normal drills.

Motor power
920 W

Motor speed
(Under load) 350 rpm

11 Kg

Core drill
max. Ø 36 mm

Twist drill
max. Ø 10 mm

max. Ø 40 mm

Depth of cut
20 mm with HSS cutters
30 mm with TCT cutters

38 mm

Magnetic clamping
8900 N
(25mm, ra=1,25)

Supply Format
Magnetic base drilling
Chip Guard
4mm Hex Wrench
Metal Box
5mm Hex Wrench
Feed lever
Operator's Manual (English)
Coolant Bottle Assembly

Horizontal construction and small stroke makes CUB™ Sleek fit into low height areas.

Compact design 
  For restricted spaces
Easy operation
  Using Rachet handle
Works with
  Annular Cutters & Drill bits
Heavy Duty Design
  For the Toughest & biggest Jobs.

•  Mumbai  •  Delhi  •  Chennai  •  Hyderabad  •  Vadodara 
•  Jamnagar  •  Raipur  •  Bengaluru  •  Trichy  
•  Coimbatore  • Cuttack • Kochi • Vasai • Ahmedabad

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