The Ultra Light Weight Auto Feed Magnetic Drilling Machine

CUB™ AUTO from BroachCutter® has smart feed control that continuously adjusts feed speed to best suit load on drill motor.

Motor power
920 W

Motor speed
(Under load) 350 rpm

13 Kg

Core drill
max. Ø 36 mm

Twist drill
max. Ø 10 mm

Auto-feed control System
(dynamic feed speed adjustment)

Depth of cut
max. 51 mm

70 mm

Magnetic clamping
9500 N
(25mm, ra=1,25)

Supply Format
Magnetic base drilling
Safety Strap
Allen wrench hex S=4
Metal Box
Operator's Manual (English)
Integrated Chip Shield/Cutter Guard
Standard shipping weight – 16.7 kg
Coolant Bottle Assembly

Reduce manual labor and increase cutter life, most suitable for continuous usage.

Overload Protection
  In case of overload both drill motor & feed motor are switched off simultaneously.
Faster Operation
  Feed control system reduces idle run time and enables smooth start of cutting
Auto stop
  Auto-feed control stops the machine when drilling is completed
Maintenance Free Operation
  Dual bars guide system ensures extraordinary stiffness and maintenance free operation

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